Sperm donation

For couples where the man's sperm quality is the issue, use of an anonymous sperm donor can be a good alternative.

If the man does not produce any sperm cells at all, if he has severe heditary diseases, has a handicap, carries an unhealthy gene or has explicit auto immunization or the couple simply isn't interested in IVF or ICSI treatment it inseminations with donor sperm can be beneficial. Furthermore, if previous treatment attempts have been unsuccessful donor sperm can increase the chances of pregnancy. Donor sperm can also be used for IVF treatment.

There are multiple reasons why insemination with donor sperm is a better choice than IVF. Firstly, insemination with sperm donoation is cheaper than IVF treatment, furthermore insemination requires less hormone stimulation, fewer operations and fewer resources, lastly insemination has fewer side effects than IVF.

The couple will have to agree on this solution and binding accept has to be given from both if the couple isn't married. If the couple is married a written consent from the man must be given before treatment can begin.

Removal of sperm cells from the testicles or bi-testicles

Among 10-20% of infertile men no sperm cells are found in the semen. This can be caused by defects in the sperm production or missing sperm producing tissue, another cause can be a physical blockade in the sperm path system, for example after sterilization.


Treatment results are very promising and comparable to normal micro insemination (ICSI), where the sperm cells are taken from a normal sperm sample.